Fire Safety

How prepared are you for a fire in your house? Workplace? While out shopping?

October is fire safety month and it’s a good time for a couple of quick reminders.

1. Smoke detectors save lives! Make sure yours are present & functioning. Test them and make sure they are operational a few times a year.

2. Have a home fire safety plan. Know multiple ways out in the event the fire blocks your primary exit. Get and practice with egress ladders so the first time your seeing it isn’t during an emergency.

3. When out and about abide by fire alarm notifications. Too often people ignore the alarms and continue on with their business. Know where the nearest exit is and remember it’s not always the way you came in.

4. Eliminate simple fire hazards around your home and office. Minimize long-term extension cord use and avoid overloading outlets and surge protectors. If you have portable heating units ensure they have an auto shutdown feature and are UL listed.

5. Practice good housekeeping habits that include making spaces accessible for the ingress of emergency responders and egress of occupants. This aids in allowing people to get out and away from the danger and for responders to gain quicker access.

Having conversations and practicing these tips will help develop a prepared mindset and allow for a quicker reaction to an emergency.

Stay Safe!